Taylor Pump & Lift is a company that has years of experience in the mobile lube equipment industry. We are not truck salesmen – we are simply one of the best lubrication equipment distributors available. We know exactly how to fabricate and assemble the leading mobile lube equipment, and we also back up all of our work with a 5-year warranty. We hope that as you read on and learn more about all of our mobile lube equipment, including our mobile lube trucks and trailers, off-road lubrication equipment, fleet lubrication equipment, and lubrication skid packages, you will choose Taylor Pump & Lift for all your mobile lubrication needs.

Mobile Lube Trucks & Trailers

Mobile Lube Equipment from Taylor Pump & LiftWith our lube trucks and trailers, the mobile lube equipment attaches to a steel trailer which provides easy accessibility to the mobile lube truck at your job site. This provides the perfect solution, since a full service truck might be far too costly, or simply too comprehensive for one job. Our mobile lube equipment comes equipped with exactly what you need to get each of your specific jobs done. This includes all necessary components – pumps, hoses, and dispensers are all available. Our mobile equipment can be perfectly customized to meet all your specific needs on each job site. The lube trailers are available with the option to be either open air, or fully closed.


Off-Road Lubrication Equipment

Mobile Lube Equipment from Taylor Pump & LiftOur off-road lubrication equipment provides many unique and industry-specific solutions for your business. This includes our enclosed truck, hook lift, flat bed, and coal mine packages. All of these packages come equipped with everything your company needs to get the job done.


Fleet Lubrication Equipment

Mobile Lube Equipment from Taylor Pump & LiftHere at Taylor Pump & Lift, we also provide fleet lubrication equipment for larger on-site jobs. As with all of our mobile lube equipment, this package comes with everything you need for each of your jobs.


Lubrication Skid Packages

Mobile Lube Equipment from Taylor Pump & LiftWith our lubrication skid packages, the mobile lube equipment is not attached to any vehicle or trailer. Instead, it is placed on a skid that can be used anywhere around your warehouse or job site. This package is designed to reach places that the typical mobile lube trucks and trailers would not be able to reach. For example, the lubrication skids can be used on barges, cargo areas, or any other places that are convenient for you.



“Our goal is not to build what we want, but to build what you need to better serve your business.”
We are key distributors and warranty repair centers for Alemite and Graco lubrication equipment.