Hook Lift Package

The hook lift package is a creative lube equipment option, perfect for the company that already owns a hook lift truck and desires to improve maintenance efficiency for its fleet of vehicles. Roughly the same size as a large lube trailer and slightly smaller than a full-scale lube truck, a hook lift bed meets the maintenance needs of a large job site with high levels of convenience and ease of transportation.

Hook Lift Advantages

If your company’s fleet includes a hook lift truck, a custom-built bed stocked with lubricants, antifreeze, waste oil tanks, toolboxes, DEF dispensers, power washers, and other equipment is very easy to transport from one job site to the next. The up-front cost is lower than that of a dedicated lube truck, and once the bed is unloaded at the site, the truck is free to operate elsewhere as a flatbed, dump truck, etc., using the other applications. Security is a major advantage of the hook lift bed over a lube trailer, which is similarly sized and carries a similar amount of equipment. Due to its size and weight, a hook lift bed is nearly impossible to lift and remove without an actual hook lift truck. This allows for leaving the bed on site overnight without the concern that thieves could hitch the equipment to a pickup truck and simply drive away with it.

Lube Equipment Details

As with the lube trailers, trucks, and skids that Taylor Pump & Lift builds, all of the equipment stocked on a hook lift bed is manufactured by the world’s leaders in their respective industries. Graco, Reelcraft, and Alemite are our primary manufacturing partners, and we have total confidence in the ability of their products to function reliably under many years of tough outdoor conditions. Tools found on a typical hook lift bed include:

  • Waste oil tanks with emergency spill prevention
  • Reliable retracting hose reels
  • Control handles
  • Lockable steel rolldown door
  • Strategically placed toolboxes
  • Additional tools: power generators, pressure washers, air compressors, site lighting
  • Optional approved Diesel Exhaust Fluid tanks and dispensing equipment

New Hook Lift Truck Options

If your company does not yet own a hook lift truck, Taylor Pump & Lift can help you add this incredibly versatile, efficient system to your fleet. We work closely with Ampliroll, a pioneer and long-established leader in the field, to build hook lift trucks for our clients. Instead of investing in a flatbed trailer, dump truck, water truck, and lube truck, you can enjoy these and more applications in the same vehicle, with removable attachments that you can store when not in use. Contact us today to speak with a hook lift package expert and learn more about this convenient, money-saving system.

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