How Lube Trucks Increase Efficiency

Lube trucks have become some of the most important tools that a construction, demolition, or mining company can invest in. These support vehicles are capable of keeping even the largest fleets of work trucks and other machines stocked with the lubricants, antifreeze, grease, and other fluids that they need for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Here are a few of the main benefits that lube trucks have to offer:

Our Five Step Lube Truck Build Process

Lube Trucks Save Money

Companies that invest in lube trucks find that they quickly “pay themselves off” in the form of significant money savings.

  • Less downtime. Having a support vehicle parked on the job site allows for quick repairs, fluid refills, and other maintenance tasks without waiting for supplies to arrive or transporting a vehicle in need of repairs to another location.
  • Longer lifespan for equipment. When it is easy and convenient to keep a work truck’s fluids topped off, crew members will be more likely to keep vehicles in perfect working order. Lube trucks ensure that all necessary fluids are available before vehicles are running low.
  • Additional tools. By adding a power generator, air compressor, heated flooring, halogen lights, and other accessories to selected lube trucks, we are able to supply a powerful tool that can meet a range of different needs on the job site. In addition to keeping fleets supplied with fluids, our fully equipped lube trucks can serve the entire site with energy, lighting, and other needs.

Are Lube Trucks Worth the Expense?

Lube trucks are available in a wide range of sizes and prices. Instead of buying a standard lube truck design, which may or may not meet all of your company’s needs, we encourage you to design the perfect piece of equipment for your unique operation. With our help, you will identify all the products, tools, and accessories that your crew needs access to, and build a lube truck that contains all of them.

Lube Trucks for Every Budget

We are not interested in selling you the largest truck possible. Instead, we tailor our lube trucks to match individual clients’ company sizes and budget restrictions. We want you to leave with a lube truck that you can afford, that contains everything you need, and that exceeds your expectations in every way. To ensure that is the case, we guarantee our work and materials with a generous five-year warranty.

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Off Road

It takes a specially designed unit to supply vehicles and equipment in off-road applications. We have been designing lube trucks that can venture far off the beaten path for many years, and we are ready to help you build your perfect off-road truck. Whether you need an enclosed truck, flatbed, hook lift package, or coal mining support, our staff anticipates the challenges of off-road servicing and will design your customized unit to meet them. These truck bodies are reinforced, equipped with heavy-duty suspension systems, and modified to keep clouds of debris from contaminating vital engine fluids. We’ll also help you decide what accessories to add to your off-road lube truck to keep any job site running smoothly, no matter how remote.

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Adding a custom-built lube truck or trailer to your fleet of vehicles increases efficiency at all levels of business. In the short run, making it more convenient to refill fluids results in less time spent in maintenance and more time actually on the job. In the long run, trucks that are kept fully supplied with high quality fluids last longer and need fewer repairs. Even a small fleet can benefit from the services of a lube skid, which is versatile enough to be carried on a truck and stored in a limited-space garage when not in use. Our fleet units can be customized to meet your company’s needs by our expert designers. The size of your fleet will determine whether you need a lube skid, trailer, or truck to keep all vehicles running smoothly. If you regularly need certain other pieces of equipment, such as site lighting or power generators, we can help you add those to your fleet’s lube trailer as well. If you would benefit from the capability of refueling on the job site, we can add fuel tanks and dispenser to a lube truck. Other options (closed/open design, extra large tanks, pressure washers, etc.) can increase the return on your investment even further.

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“Our goal is not to build what we want, but to build what you need to better serve your business.”
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