An Investment In Your Fleet’s Future

Selecting the lubrication equipment that is best for your company is not a simple process. You need to choose the truck, trailer, or skid that will provide your fleet with all the maintenance services it needs—not only today, but as long into the future as possible. On the other hand, you need to avoid sinking an excessive amount of money into an oil truck that is too large for your business.

Choosing the Right Lubrication Equipment

At Taylor Pump & Lift, we specialize in building new, customized units that perfectly fits each client’s needs. However, we also understand that for a small company or one struggling with financial challenges, a new lube skid or truck is not always an option. There are a few key reasons to look into buying a refurbished unit instead:

  • Our large stock of used lubrication equipment offers an oil truck to match nearly any small fleet’s maintenance needs.
  • Our refurbishing experts restore each used lube truck to like-new operating condition, providing our signature great service at an incredible value.
  • The price of a refurbished vehicle is much lower than that of a new one.

Lubrication Equipment Quickly Pays for Itself

A small construction or demolition company often finds itself unable to grow quickly due to a lack of support structure. A lube trailer is not just an option for a business that has already grown to a significant size; it’s a powerful tool that gives even a very small company the opportunity to take on bigger jobs. The dramatic increase in efficiency that even a small oil truck creates could be the key to taking your company to the next level.

We Build What You Need

If you do think that new lubrication equipment may be within your small business’s budget, call us to discuss your needs. You don’t need to worry that a pushy salesman will try to sell you more truck than you need! Our goals in designing your lube truck are the following:

  • Making sure that you have everything you need
  • Avoiding loading your lube truck with tools that you don’t need, tanks with capacities beyond your requirements, or a size that exceeds your facility’s space
  • Staying within your budget
  • Providing a support machine that you are satisfied with!

No matter how small or how large your company is, we have a truck, trailer, or skid that fits your needs. Please contact us today to add this powerful resource to your fleet.

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“Our goal is not to build what we want, but to build what you need to better serve your business.”
We are key distributors and warranty repair centers for Alemite and Graco lubrication equipment.