Adding mobile lube equipment to your fleet should be a careful, well-thought-out process. When you’re ready to take this step in the growth of your company, we are here to help you make the best possible decision. Below is some information to give you an idea of the high quality products you can expect to outfit your new oil truck with. Our experts will take it to the next level, discussing additional products and tools that can increase your fleet’s efficiency even further.

Mobile Lube Equipment is the Sum of its Parts

A great lube truck is equipped with great equipment. We start with a heavy duty body that is capable of handling the road and environmental conditions that your company works with on a daily basis. We understand the unique challenges that industries such as coal mining present to maintenance technicians, and our design process takes those challenges into consideration. To this foundation, we add reels, pumps, tanks, and other components built by the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Trusted Mobile Lube Equipment Manufacturers

Our company has a long history of partnering with U.S.-based, industry-leading manufacturers for lubrication components that stand the test of time. Our relationship with Alemite, Graco, Reelcraft, and other top manufacturers ensures that each of our clients is fully satisfied with the performance of his new support vehicle. We guarantee our lube trucks, trailers, and skids with a five-year warranty on products and workmanship.

Your Unique Trailer, Skid, or Truck

The final design of your mobile lube equipment will be the combination of two factors: your intimate knowledge of your own company’s needs and challenges plus the experience and expertise that we offer. We take the time necessary to find out as much information as possible from you, then give you a range of options that will provide the maximum benefit for your fleet. Above all, we work to create the equipment that you need—not too small to serve your vehicles effectively but not too large for your budget.

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“Our goal is not to build what we want, but to build what you need to better serve your business.”
We are key distributors and warranty repair centers for Alemite and Graco lubrication equipment.