Oil Trucks


An oil truck should come in a shape and size to perfectly match the company that uses it. Instead of offering our clients a limited number of standard truck designs, we build customized trucks that are structured around the needs of our individual clients. When you choose to order an oil truck from us, you will work closely with an expert in the industry to design your unique on-site support vehicle.


For nearly thirty years, we have been building oil trucks, researching new products, and learning about the needs of the work truck industry. That experience is at your disposal when you work with us, and our goal is to give you all the information you need to make decisions about your new equipment. We will help you work through choices related to:

  • Oil tank size
  • Number of reels and pumps
  • Storage/tool boxes
  • Fuel capacity
  • Waste oil disposal system
  • Many other factors

In addition, we may suggest additional tools for your oil truck that you may not have thought of but that could greatly benefit your crew.

Our Oil Truck Is Customized for Your Company

Our experience building oil trucks for three decades is only one half of the design process. The other half is your knowledge of your operation and its daily maintenance needs. The only way for us to really know what you need is to find out from you how big your fleet is, what conditions it faces on the job site, the size of your facility, and how your team prefers to work. We start the process by having you fill out a survey to give us a basic idea of what the finished product will look like. An oil truck designed for a mining company looks much different from one that works in urban construction zones, and the ultimate success of your truck depends on how well it matches your fleet.

Creative Oil Truck Accessories

As we build oil trucks for companies in a range of industries, we seek to consider as many possibilities as possible for increasing efficiency and productivity. Often that means suggesting accessories that you might not have even known were options for inclusion on an oil truck! Here are a few examples:

  • Gasoline power generators
  • Work lights for quick, convenient job site illumination
  • Pressure washer
  • Almost anything else your crew uses on a regular basis!

Our support vehicles can do far more than just provide lubrication for equipment. Call us today to find out just how beneficial a custom-built oil truck can be for your company.

Oil Truck Specifications

The typical oil truck will feature some variation on the following standard products, in addition to more specialized options dictated by the individual client’s needs.

New Oil

  • 100- and 50-gallon tanks
  • Reels and meters
  • Lockable reel cabinet



Used Oil

  • 100-gallon waste oil recovery container
  • 10 spindle filter drain box



Other Fluids

  • 50-gallon antifreeze tanks
  • 750 gallon diesel fuel tank




  • Tool and storage boxes
  • 30 CFM hydraulic compressor
  • Air compressor
  • Work lights