Our experienced technicians are able to restore your existing lube truck, trailer, or skid to full working condition. If your lube equipment capacity is sufficient for your company’s needs but has deteriorated over time, a refurbishing job may be all you need. Cracked hoses, leaking dispensers, and damaged tanks not only reduce efficiency but also damage the environment and create serious safety hazards for workers and equipment.

Preventive restoration is an important factor in extending the life of a lube trailer or truck. The average lube equipment suffers quite a bit of wear and tear while parked on busy work sites, and occasional attention is needed in order to protect it from rusting, damage from direct sunlight, coal dust, and other threatening elements. Don’t go too long without having an experienced staff inspect and refurbish your equipment as needed.

Our warranty on new lube units includes a refurbishing job close to the five-year mark. Be sure to bring your truck, trailer, or skid in at that time so that we can give it a new coat of paint, replace any worn or damaged parts, and prepare it for many more years of service with your fleet of vehicles.

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Do you have a lube truck that is outdated? Give us a call and let us help you recondition it.


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