30+ Years of Industry Experience

Most great companies are bred from a mixture of adversity, hard work, and the ability to identify a need within an industry. In 1987, Jeff Taylor Sr. did just that. After 15 years with Alemite Manufacturing, he set his sights on the mobile lubrication industry after noticing a gap in the market – there wasn’t a full service lubrication equipment manufacturer that offered customized setups to meet individual business’ needs. As a family-owned and operated business, TPL touts over 30 years of industry experience, growing as a manufacturer and national distributor that rivals much larger competitor brands. With a reputation for impeccable construction and unmatched operational longevity, our mobile lubrication products are a perfect fit for any job.

Family Culture and Southern Charm

It’s no surprise that our southern roots have influenced how we run our business – towards both our customers and our employees. We believe that everyone should be treated like family; with respect, warmth, and a genuine sense of helpfulness. Whether you’re purchasing our product, or building it in the shop, our mindset remains securely rooted in southern hospitality.