Fuel Lube Replacement Parts

Dec 4, 2019 -- Posted by : Cory

While we're best known for our custom lube trucks and excellent repair service, we also offer authentic replacements for most of the parts that wear out with regular use. And now, we have streamlined the ordering process for our existing and new customers.

We know that one of the biggest challenges our customers face is finding time to pick up the phone and order parts. Fortunately, our new online e-commerce portal addresses that issue. Orders can be placed and put in line for processing at any time, including nights and weekends!



The e-commerce portal features our entire inventory of replacement parts, categorized and searchable for extra user friendliness. You can find control handles, hose reels, pumps, or accessories on the site and put what you need straight into your shopping cart.

Your account will save your orders for future reference, should you want to repeat orders, check dates, or access receipts. For added security, the Taylor Pump & Lift site does not store your credit card information in your account. We want you to maintain control of such sensitive data.

Once an order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number and product details.

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One of the best benefits of our online shopping platform is that we still guarantee that you will receive authentic parts, complete with manufacturer warranties. Many times we hear that our customers tried ordering parts from Amazon and other online stores before ordering from us, only to discover that the part was a replica and not directly from a manufacturer. This causes  a variety of problems if the part needs service or to be exchanged. You will not run into that problem with Taylor Pump & Lift.



You also don’t have to worry about massive markups with Taylor Pump and Lift’s online shopping system. Our prices have not changed from the great deals we’ve always offered We don’t even charge extra for shipping! All orders receive complimentary 2 to 3-day shipping.

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