Choosing Lube Equipment to Combat Extreme Weather Conditions

Sep 29, 2020 -- Posted by : Cory

Wherever you work, you’ve likely experienced a range of weather and temperature changes on the jobsite. While the remainder of the year remains uncertain, the last thing you need is to worry about if your equipment can hold up to a changing climate. Below are some tips to help you choose the best lube truck or lube skid for your location.

Lube Trucks for Cold Climates

In a cold climate, an enclosed lube truck is your best protection against rain, snow, and ice – as well as protecting your products from lower temperatures. If extreme low temperatures are a constant issue, our lube trucks can even include tank heaters and/or a heated truck bed to guarantee smooth fluid flow throughout the work day. Additionally, our trucks can come equipped with strategically placed hydraulic pumps instead of air pumps to move fluids. Hydraulic pumps are especially more reliable in colder weather.

Lube Skids for Hot Weather

In hot conditions, it is often better not to have your lube equipment enclosed or insulated. Skids allow for significantly better ventilation versus a lube truck, which can be crucial in conditions where sun is directly overhead and/or humidity contributes to sweltering temperatures. Additional safety features, such as emergency pressure release valves, protect your tools and employees as well.

Other Considerations

Weather protection is just one factor in selecting the right lube product equipment. Product volumes, compressor and pump system options, and reel setup are all important in helping you select the right equipment for your business needs.

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