Construction Boom & The Need For More-Efficient Lube Solutions

Jul 29, 2021 -- Posted by : Cory

As the world continues to bounce back economically from the last two years of pandemic, the construction industry is expected to jump 4% in 2021 – totaling an additional $32B – and then another 8% in 2022, says Commercial construction – which represents 30% of the total construction industry nationwide – is expected to grow 6% after a steep drop last year, including a boom in warehouse and institutional building. The municipal construction sector is expected to lift 11% over the next 24 months, mainly boosted by an anticipated bill reauthorization later this year.

As these forecasts roll out across the country, companies are under extra pressure to execute timelines and budgets as accurately as possible. And every company can attest that even the smallest action, or inaction, can offset the end result of a project; this includes incremental downtime for construction equipment. However, finding solutions for equipment maintenance can prove difficult during a time when decision-making attention and timelines are stretched thin.

At TPL, we make it easy to get the mobile lube solution you need – no extra fluff, extended wait times, or lack of communication. Our approach is simple: provide you with a lube truck, lube skid, or lube system that is everything you need and nothing you don’t. This concept can have big impacts on your business, including:

1. Reducing downtime – Even a single piece of equipment down for 12 hours can impact your bottom line – so waiting for your lube truck to be built for 9-12 months isn’t the most attractive idea. Our build times are industry-leading and constantly monitored to ensure you get your product as quickly as possible.

2. Improving overall efficiency – When your equipment is running smoother and with consistency, they can run quicker, for longer – meaning you get the job done on time.

3. Increased ROI – When searching for mobile lube solution, the purchase price and return-on-investment considerations are vital. By purchasing a lube truck or lube skid from TPL, you maximize your product footprint, product volumes, and product availability to your fleet. This reduces unnecessary expenses while also maximizing investment in the lube vehicles you already own.

Have questions about our products or build process? Ready to get started with your custom lube truck or skid?

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