Lube Trailers


A lube trailer, built from high quality components and fitted with dispensing equipment from the nation’s best suppliers, is one of the most important support tools your company will invest in. Each lube trailer we sell is built to last, guaranteed with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, and carefully designed to accommodate the client’s unique set of needs.

Lube Trailer Advantages

A lube trailer is larger than a lube skid, allowing it to carry larger capacity tanks, more lubrication products, and additional accessories such as power generators and lighting. On the other hand, a lube trailer is smaller and more affordable than a dedicated lube truck and can be towed using your own vehicles.

Standard Lube Trailer Components

To get you started on the design process, we include standard products and equipment on each lube trailer that we sell:

  • New oil pumps, reels, and tanks
  • Waste oil reels and tanks
  • Antifreeze equipment
  • Grease equipment

Lube Trailer Body Type

Our open lube trailer design is convenient for your crew to use, with retracting reels mounted at the ideal height, waste tanks equipped with emergency spill protection, and sturdy boxes to protect your tools and accessories. Many customers opt for our fully enclosed lube trailer, fitted with a powerful rolldown door at the back. This design provides several advantages:

  • Theft prevention-valuable equipment is concealed from view and protected under lock and key.
  • Weather defense-hail, rain, and debris are kept away from pumps and reels, extending their life of service and preventing fluid contamination.
  • Versatility-lube trailer can be left on the job site overnight without putting equipment at risk

Additional Lube Trailer Products

In addition to the products you would normally expect to find on a lube trailer, we pride ourselves on going beyond those expectations. Here are just a few of the additional tools that we offer:

  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensers. This efficiency-increasing product requires specially built containers and equipment.
  • Heated flooring. Continue using your lube trailer even in freezing temperatures.
  • Site lighting. This is an extremely convenient way to light your job site after dark without additional setup time and equipment.
  • Power generator. Be prepared for whatever electricity needs you may have on the job.
  • Other equipment. If you can imagine it, we can most likely find a way to include it on your new lube trailer!

Specialized Lube Trailer Applications

Whether your company performs construction in off-road areas or support for mining operations, we can design and build a lube trailer to keep your fleet supplied. Please call us today to find out more.