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Convenience and Versatility: Custom Lube Skids

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Refurbished Lube Trucks, Skids, and Trailers

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Welcome to our company

Taylor Pump & Lift provides lube trucks, trailers, and skids for use in a wide range of contexts. Our specialty is building customized units for fleets, mining operations, construction/demolition, and other work truck needs, but we also fully refurbish used lube equipment for sale at a discount. We are one of the nation’s leading suppliers of lube trucks and trailers, but every client still receives the attention and care that set our family-owned business apart from its competitors when we started it nearly 30 years ago.

When we work with a client to design and assemble a new lube truck, trailer, or skid for them, we have one overruling priority: to create a piece of equipment that is an exact fit for that client’s needs. That means getting plenty of details on the client’s fleet size, typical jobs, fluid needs, and many other factors that the client may not think to volunteer. We take the time necessary to learn about these factors and make suggestions based on our experience, all in order to come up with the perfect lube trailer or truck design. Sometimes, a refurbished unit is a better fit than a custom built new one due to budget concerns. In those cases, our sales personnel always opt for the client’s needs—not a higher commission.

Experience Matters

We bring decades of experience to the design and assembly of your custom lube equipment.

Lube/Fuel Trucks that Match Our Clients’ Needs

We specialize in designing unique lube trucks, built with each client’s unique set of needs in mind.


Our business was founded by Jeff Taylor, Sr. in 1986 and is still family owned and operated.


We take the time necessary to find out exactly what each client needs and provide it for them.

Repair Services

Warranty repairs and refurbishing projects are handled by our highly skilled and experienced technicians.

Reliable Lube Equipment

The equipment on our lube trucks and skids is built by the leading U.S.-based manufacturers.

Trust the Experts in Lube Equipment Design

Our experienced technicians provide the best possible service for both new equipment and service repairs.

Customized Lube Trucks

CustomizeD Lube Trucks

Maximize your lube equipment investment by customizing a design with the help of our experts.

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Refurbished lube trucks

Refurbished lube trucks and skids are ideal for fleets on a tight budget.

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Reconditioning and repairs

Trust our highly skilled staff for reconditioning and repairs to your lube truck, trailer, or skid.

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We provide customized, high quality products and services

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trusted vendors

We work with only the best manufacturers to bring you durable, reliable lube equipment and accessories.