Taylor Pump & Lift is one of the top lubrication equipment distributors in the nation. If your business calls for a fuel lube truck and you want the highest quality unit available, contact us today. At our Charlotte, NC facility, we construct and assemble the very best fuel lube trucks and trailers in the industry, and we back up our outstanding craftsmanship with friendly, efficient service. Our five-year warranty for each fuel lube truck that we sell is designed to give you official assurance of the quality of our product for your peace of mind. Taylor Pump & Lift has supplied professional lube oil trucks and lube truck equipment to those in the work truck industry for over 20 years. The products that we offer, including custom designed lube skids, trailers, and trucks, are constructed based on our years of experience in the lubrication equipment industry. In addition to our fuel lube truck and trailer equipment, we offer off-road lubrication equipment, lube skid packages, and fleet lubrication equipment. We serve each of our customers based on that customer’s own specific business needs: at Taylor Pump & Lift, our goal is not to build what we want, but to build what you need to best serve your business. We have shipped our top-quality trucks, trailers, and equipment to customers in over 24 states in the United States, as well as internationally. At Taylor Pump & Lift, we take pride in offering the finest quality fuel lube trucks, mobile lube trailer, and lubrication equipment in the industry. For your new or refurbished lube equipment needs, you will find that our products, convenience, and service cannot be beaten.

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“Our goal is not to build what we want, but to build what you need to better serve your business.”
We are key distributors and warranty repair centers for Alemite and Graco lubrication equipment.