Lube Equipment Repair

Even the best lubrication equipment sometimes needs an expert repair job. Perhaps your lube truck was damaged by a falling piece of building material on a construction site, or a reel was crushed under heavy tires. Whether your equipment has suffered from an accident, vandalism, or the simple wear and tear of many years of service, our team is ready to help you get it back to its best-ever working condition.

We Service What We Sell

Our five year warranty gives you the peace of mind that the new, customized lube trailer or skid that you purchase from us will last you for the long run. If you need to bring your unit in for a repair that is covered under your warranty, you can count on fast, courteous, expert service—not the kind of tedious run-around that is all too common when warranty repairs are involved. In fact, shortly before your warranty expires, we encourage you to come in and have us inspect the entire unit to see if any repairs are needed.

Additional Repair Services

You may not have purchased your work truck from us, but we can still put our expert technicians to work repairing worn or damaged parts on it. Their years of experience and wide range of knowledge of the work truck industry prepare them to perform whatever repairs your equipment needs, at competitive rates and in a timely manner. Our lube skid, trailer, and truck repair customers receive the same attentive, friendly, warm service that we have always extended to our new equipment clients. Whether you are in urgent need of repairs to your unit in order to get your crew back to peak efficiency or you simply want to have it touched up and fully prepared for whatever the next job throws at it, give us a call to schedule your appointment today.

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