Why TPL Lube Trucks Are The Most Reliable

Oct 3, 2023 -- Posted by : Cory

Reliability (noun): “performing consistently well, to a degree which the result can be depended on.”

When you have a lube truck, skid, or system, reliability is a product characteristic that isn’t just expected – it’s non-negotiable. Your fluid exchange equipment needs to work reliably. But what does that mean?

1.      It has to perform consistently.

Consistency is at the top of the list when it comes to equipment reliability. TPL lube systems are pump-driven, which offers unique advantages over air-driven systems – especially as colder weather looms on the horizon. Pumps operate in almost all weather types, even colder temperatures that would normally cause air-based systems to slow down significantly, or even stop altogether. Additionally, TPL offers insulation and heating options for all types of product tanks, making it easier to maintain a consistent flow rate, regardless of ambient temps or product viscosity. These can be integrated on to any of our open-body or enclosed body lube trucks.

For more info on how these systems are superior, check out our post about four common misconceptions about pump-based fluid exchange systems (and how we've debunked them!)

2.      It has to be easily repairable or replaceable.

A single broken part can quickly escalate into a full day’s worth of workflow disruption. Online ordering gets tricky, especially when you’ve waited days for a part to come in from a random online vendor, only to discover that it’s not actually compatible with your equipment because it’s a random off-brand (which sometimes can damage the lube system even further), etc.

At TPL, we know that having the right part when you need it can prevent unnecessary downtime and (often) an unnecessary headache. We stock genuine parts in-house, and have solid, tenured vendor relationships if we need to drop-ship a part from their nationwide warehouses for a faster turn-around time. If your part needs repair, we can do that too! We even offer loaner options for some parts, which can be replaced in-the-field by your technicians – meaning less downtime, less hassle, and less profit loss for your business.

We also offer online ordering for some of the most-used (and most-replaced) parts, including free expedited shipping.

3.      It has to last as long as possible.

All TPL products are built on the foundation of exceptional quality craftsmanship. Our lube trucks, ;ube skids, ;ube trailers, tanks, and lube systems are constructed to improve the longevity of your products during everyday use through thoughtful, ergonomic design and individualized, custom layouts that meet your application needs from the start.

We also stand by our tank and component quality, as noted in our industry-leading, 5-year warranty. If any part of your TPL product fails, we have an in-house team ready to help diagnose and resolve your issue quickly and with the best possible outcome for your business.


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